You wanna be Atlas for a change?

I spent much of the weekend stewing over something that really bothered me.  I was pretty mad, actually.  I won’t tell you what happened, but here’s a cryptic analogy for you to ponder.  You’re Atlas, holding up the Earth because you were told to hold up the Earth.  Then someone tells you should actually be tending to Mars because Mars comes before Earth and you really aren’t good enough until you go to Mars, even though you were never, ever given a rocket ship flight to Mars.  Meanwhile, the one who tells you this takes off for the Sun on a rocket ship launched from Earth and then exiles you on Mars, leaving you far behind and drifting in outer space.  So what do you do?  Drop everything and tend to Mars instead…as soon as you can get a hold of a rocket ship.

Lesson to ponder:  Don’t use others as a launching pad and exile them.  You may believe that you’re isolated because you’ve moved on to the Sun.  Once you’re long gone, your legacy will remain and will be recounted to the Stars who follow.

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