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Youth Revisited

I’ve spent the last couple of months reclaiming my life.  I spent far too much time and energy on activities that should not have mattered as much to me as they did, and neglected what truly made me happy.  I made a conscious effort to reprioritize my life, and it’s already paid dividends.  I realized that what truly makes me happy is what I [...]

You wanna be Atlas for a change?

You wanna be Atlas for a change?
I spent much of the weekend stewing over something that really bothered me.  I was pretty mad, actually.  I won’t tell you what happened, but here’s a cryptic analogy for you to ponder.  You’re Atlas, holding up the Earth because you were told to hold up the Earth.  Then someone tells you should actually be tending to Mars b [...]

Striking a Balance

Finding a balance in life is hard.  It seems we never have enough time anymore and always have too many things to do.  When someone calls and asks how I’m doing, my standard reply is usually, “Very busy!”  We’re always so busy, busy, busy.  Where does the time go?  Why do I have so much to do?  I suppose that the tran [...]