Association update

Tonight our community association held its semiannual all members’ meeting and elected a new governing Board.  The association hosted a dinner for its members and combined it with the semiannual talent show and a St. Paddy’s Day celebration.  Tonight was quite the shindig, and it seemed that half the community showed up for it (free meals tend to bring out the crowds.  I sang a song at the last talent show; this time around I hosted the members’ meeting.  I’m glad–many of the talent show acts were absolutely amazing.  The teenagers who performed acts ranging from guitar solos to martial arts demonstrations were absolutely fabulous.  Our nanny brought my son to the event.  When I saw him, I told him wistfully, "Bao (his nickname), daddy needs to speak."  He answered, "Daddy, no speak!"  Fortunately, he listened intently from the audience while I spoke.  A bit later, my wife arrived from work.  I wish I could say that we were together for the event, but unfortunately, I needed to focus my energies on making sure the event was a success.  Still, we had fun, and after we came home, we headed quickly for bed (I crashed, woke up late, and decided to write this blog entry).
I will remain the chair of our association until the end of this month.  Although I was re-elected for another term and will stay on the Board for another six months, I’m really burned out and need a break.  In September, I will step down from the Board for good.  I think we accomplished a tremendous amount of work over the last six months.  One of the more visible changes is that the association now has a really cool web site.  We brought in some new services and replaced some old ones.  Perhaps most significant–we now have an employee cafeteria.  We made some less obvious changes too such as adding credit card capabilities.  Before, customers needed to pay with cash or check.  Now, they can pay with plastic.  Big and small changes such as these helped improve the association and make it more appealing as a venue for potential customers.  Recently, we also began a marketing campaign to remind the community we are a non-profit organization committed to community service, a charm offensive to let the community know that we’re there for them.  So far, the message seems to be well received.  At least it was tonight when everyone feasted on free food and entertainment.
  1. Chun

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