Six months and change

Yesterday marked our sixth month living here in Korea.  It’s hard to believe it’s been only six months since we disembarked from an airplane and set foot in Seoul.  It seems like an eternity ago.  Life has certainly changed for us in a remarkably short period of time. 
Today I picked a newly arrived colleague at Incheon International Airport and helped them settle into their new home, just like someone helped us settle in months ago.  We have a "pay it forward" policy here; that is, you sponsor and assist another newbie in the future, just as you were helped when you first arrived.  Last night I bought groceries and stocked their refrigerator with food.  Today I met them at the airport and escorted them to their new home.  It seemed straightforward enough on paper.  Arrive at airport, pick up, and drop off.  Unfortunately, I was unaware that they were arriving three hours later than expected.  I arrived three hours early (yes, Wade3016, three hours EARLY).  The itinerary I used was apparently an old one.  Nothing was the same–even the flight number had changed.  When I arrived and could not find their flight, I searched the baggage area for what I thought could have been their flight.  No, they weren’t there.  The airport is a very large facility, and I am now thoroughly acquainted with it in my quest to find them.  I hiked across the entire airport to the airline office, where I learned that their flight was not scheduled to arrive until 8:40 tonight.  I arrived at 5:40.  I ate a quick dinner at the airport and stewed for awhile over my misfortune. 
I must have missed the itinerary change.  When you get hundreds of E-mails at work daily, it’s easy to overlook a message, even if it contains important information.  The official notice I received said 6 p.m., and that’s the schedule I used.  I’m not going to check to see if I can find the E-mail.  What is done is done.  Water under the bridge.  Unfortunately, I will be out late tomorrow night in the Daejeon area giving a presentation to American English teachers, and I won’t be home until after 11 p.m.  Frankly, I’m tired and not really looking forward to speaking a a group late in the evening on a Friday night.  Sometimes duty calls.  I’m sure I’ll do well and will enjoy it, but I will be very exhausted tomorrow night when I’m finished.  I will have to take a hiatus from this blog tomorrow night, and I don’t plan to get out of bed until I’ve had a good night’s sleep.  Have a good night and a great weekend, and I’ll write again as soon as I can.
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    Nice space. I agree it is easy to overlook an important email. If you get a chance check out my space, lots of pictures, and travel adventures also. i travel every week, so I am always someplace new and exciting.

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