A few victories for the community

Our community association scored a couple of major victories this week.  If you recall, I took over as head of our association in late September.  We faced a few setbacks.  We haven’t had a cafeteria since last March, one of our coffee vendors left us high and dry, we lost a few board members, and our roof has remained unrepaired since January.  Good weeks seem few and far between for the association.  This week, however, we brought on three new board members, sealed the deal with the new cafeteria vendor, and drew up the contract to sign with the new coffee shop vendor.  We will sign the contract next week.  While the roof is still in work, it’s a great feeling to have worked through these three major issues, not to mention completing the general manager’s new contract.  Work lately has been a struggle as I prepare to move on to yet another area, so it’s been nice to have these victories in hand.  I won’t be truly happy until both th cafeteria and coffee shop open next January and the roof is done.  It’s especially satisfying knowing that tasks that have taken months to complete are finally getting done, and the community at large will benefit once they open.
You probably have been in a similar situation at some time.  Perhaps you feel like nothing is going right in one area of your life; say, your at your workplace or in your home life.  However, in another aspect of your life, things are going well in an area that may have recently been problematic.  Although the aspect or aspects that trouble keep your focus, it’s nice to have something to fall back on and savor.  Do you agree?

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