Running with Empty

Have you ever felt empty?

Of course, one might immediately think of emptiness of the heart when it longs to be filled by an emotion like love.

Or perhaps you might jump to the conclusion that empty implies that there’s space in your stomach that needs to be filled with nourishment.

Maybe feeling empty to you means that you sense a void in your life that tells you that something is missing from it.

Or perhaps your energy has been depleted, leaving you on empty with little strength or enthusiasm to go on.

So have you ever felt empty? Of course you have. We all do at times.

But is being empty always bad? Why must one always be full or at a minimum be filled enough not to feel empty?

Why does one have such an aversion to feeling empty?

Emptiness may also have benefits you might not have considered.

Feeling empty means that you will not have indigestion that comes from having too much crowd your life.

It causes you to reflect on times when you are not empty and heightens your appreciation of them.

Emptiness may prompt you to renew your purpose and seek that which gives your life greater meaning.

Feeling empty helps you avoid the overload that inevitably comes with having too much.

Be content whenever you feel empty, for therein lies the beginning of fulfillment.

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