Technology Disconnect

Technology is finally sophisticated enough to capture most aspects of one’s life. 

Digital cameras take photos. 

Video cameras record us visually.

Digital voice recorders can record one’s voice for posterity. 

Speech recognition software lets us dictate our thoughts digitally. 

Tablets such as Bamboo Pen enable us to write or draw without paper. 

iPods and other MP3 players let us take music and other media with us.

Portable multimedia devices such iPhone or Blackberry let us call anyone near or far or download apps to our heart’s desire.

Karaoke equipment lets us sing and record music for entertainment.

e-readers such as Kindle and iPad let us carry a library’s worth of books while software such as Mobipocket allow us to turn our writings into e-books.

The Internet allows us to facilitate communication via e-mail or social networks.

All of these and more are enabled by a one computer or laptop.

With so many ways to use technology to capture, record and monitor our lives…

…why are we more disconnected than ever before?

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