Microsoft, should I switch to Chrome?

OK, it’s Microsoft’s turn to be the target of a rant. I’ve been trying to post a blog entry for several days using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser, but it wouldn’t let me sign into Spaces. Every time I did, I got an error message. I finally tried to log into my MSN Spaces account using Google’s new Chrome browser, which I downloaded as a backup browser (just for moments such as these). Guess what? It worked. I successfully logged into my MSN Spaces account using Chrome. Of course, the problem surely must have been caused by user error. (Me, the tech novice. It’s my problem.) I must have done something wrong, right? It’s not Microsoft’s fault, no, never. Microsoft would never own up to having browser or server issues. Would it? I doubt it.

The attitude of most Microsoftees I know is that users need to conform to the Microsoft way, not the other way around. Face it, Microsoft — your Internet architecture is so complicated that it may be too complicated, resulting in annoying bugs and crashes that turn off users. I’m not writing anything ground breaking — Microsoft’s bugs and complicated interfaces are well documented — but I had to blog about this since IE is preventing me from posting blog entries to MSN, a division of Microsoft. Anyway, here is my first blog entry in days using Google’s Chrome browser. I can’t format the font or do all the fancy stuff IE lets me do, but at least I can log in and post an entry. Score one for Google.

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