Now if only we could actually play…

We bought a harp this weekend from Gustavo Sanabria here in Asuncion, and Gustavo delivered it to our home.  I’m planning to learn both the harp and guitar (pictured, behind harp), while my wife and son will learn to play the piano. I believe that learning both stringed instruments will help me learn both faster.  My guitar and harp teacher, Ruben Sanabria, will come over tomorrow night to talk to me about giving lessons for both instruments.  (Ruben isn’t related to Gustavo, although Gustavo told me that Ruben was his harp teacher.  You can’t beat that.  It’s interesting that every harp player I’ve met in Paraguay has the surname Sanabria, and I don’t know any Sanabrias in Paraguay who don’t play the harp or guitar.)  I plan to have Ruben teach me harp for one hour and guitar back-to-back for one hour on Fridays.  I’ll make a good faith effort to practice between lessons for at least two hours per week per instrument.  My primary goal is to learn a few songs well, such as songs I sing well (Roy Orbison’s "Oh! Pretty Woman," the Beatles’ "Yesterday," and some praise songs), and perform at impromptu gatherings in our home.  I imagine that kinds of songs must sound spectacular on a harp, which sounds absolutely heavenly (No angel jokes, please).  If I can do better than I did when I was a teen — try and fail to learn the guitar — then it will be worth it.  My wife is lining up Friday piano lessons for both my son and her with a Taiwanese-Paraguayan piano teacher.  We dished out the dough for these fine musical instruments, now we have to learn to play them.  Wish us luck! 

Mike with sonMike and son play harpWife plays piano

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