Getting sucked into Facebook

I have resisted until now setting up a Facebook account; that is, until a good friend and colleague invited me to join.  I finally took the plunge and set up an account.  I had been resisting because I didn’t want to set up yet another account that I would briefly use and forget.  How many are out there that have remnants of my online presence?  MySpace, Second Life, ClassmatesCyworld, Friendster, you name it.  I’ve tried them all and never really went back.  This is about the only online presence I still maintain (well, sort of).  How many of these social networking sites have you joined?  Do you still maintain them?  I have to admit, Facebook seems to make it easier to network than other sites, but at what point will Facebook also face declining popularity?  At this point I feel like the last person in the world to join Facebook.  But will it last, or will it go the way of  Today’s Facebook may be tomorrow’s MySpace.  Or even worse, tomorrow’s America Online!
  1. Bob

    Hey Mikey,
    Long time no write – sorry!  Mzia had a death in the family in Georgia, which made for some rough times.  Apologies for the unanswered emails and untaken bait on the yahoo group.
    I am not on facebook either.  I only grudgingly have a myspace page, no pics or personal information, because my siblings forced me to at gunpoint.
    Congrats to Alex on his burdgeoning chess career!

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