Google in Guarani

Dear Reader, I’m still alive.  It’s not much, but I have to post at least something this month before it’s over.  As always, I will try to post more often.  OK, so here it is:
Google just launched its Guarani language web page.  It’s pretty cool and an easy way to pick up some Guarani, one of Paraguay’s two official languages.
I’ve learned some Guarani, but not enough to carry on a full conversation.  The most I can say is:
M’ba eixapa nde asaje
Xe xe Miguel
Iporante hande?
Aewa heke
Aewa pyge
Jajue chapevay
I just had a dialog with myself, saying hello, introducing myself and inviting myself in and to have a seat.  Absolutely practical stuff, eh?  ha ha  Actually, it brings laughs and giggles from the Paraguayans, who are always ecstatic when the foreigners attempt to speak any Guarani at all.
Note to Tortmaster:  How have you been?  Yes, it’s been that busy.  I like to joke that I work in the most stressed out place in Paraguay (except perhaps President Duarte’s residence).  Lately I haven’t had time for much of anything.  I spent 12 hours in the office on Sunday finishing up a report.  We literally downsized from a six-person to a three-person shop, and our workload has been going up.  The other day we were told that we do an amazing amount of work despite our small size.  That is true.  I can’t vouch for the quality, but we certainly crank it out in quantity.
  1. Maribel

    yeah it’s always funny when foreigners attempt to speak a local language but it surely is appreciated that you try to adapt to their culture in a way 🙂

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