Top Ten Things to Do in Korea (Updated)

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Now that I am no longer in Korea, I think it’s time to archive this top ten list.  I put together this list at the beginning of my tour in Korea.  It’s a list of the top ten things you can do while visiting Korea.  How many did we do?  I/we did all of the to a degree.  We didn’t visit a hot spring, but the chimjilbang was fun.  I never visited the World Cup Stadium in Seoul because it isn’t much of an attraction, but I spent time in the Olympic area to the southeast in Gangnam.  Which would I eliminate from the list?  Probably the sports tour.  In hindsight, there isn’t really much incentive to visit either the Olympic or World Cup sites unless you’re a sports historian or there’s an event at one of those sites.  Instead, try visiting the Korean Folk Village in Giheung, 45 minutes south of Seoul, or if you don’t have time, visit Namsan Hanok Village on the northern flanks of Namsan Mountain in Seoul.  You could also visit one of Korea’s other fine national parks, particularly Wolchulsan National Park in the south or Odaesan National Park just south of Seoraksan. 
In the next few days I’ll replace this list with a new list of top ten places to visit in Paraguay and South America.
Top Ten Things to Do in Korea
Visit Jeju Island
— A must-see for any traveler to Korea.
Take the JSA / DMZ Tour
— Don’t leave Korea without seeing it. Very surreal.
Go to a Noraebang
— Sing your heart out with Korean friends.
Eat grilled galbi and kimchi with soju
— For vegetarians, try a Buddhist restaurant.
Visit Gyeongju
— Ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty.
Take a sports tour of Seoul
— Visit the Olympics and World Cup sites.
Enjoy the nightlife in Hongdae or Gangnam
— Seoul is hopping at night!
Try chimjilbang and visit a hot springs
— Great for relaxation.
Visit Seoraksan National Park
— Great hiking!
Do a palace & shopping tour of Seoul
— Gyeongbokgung, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong.
Blog Notes:  I finally managed to upload new music to World Adventurers.  You might notice a new song tonight.  It’s a little ditty called, “Ñambo Pajha Ñorairo” featuring Paraguayan harp and guitar.  I figured out that the Windows Media Player module on this site was out of date and needed to be updated.  I did that, but the sound quality appears to be average on the new song.  The scratchy sound you might hear seems to caused by delays in streaming the song from Paraguay (it’s on a site hosted by a Paraguayan web site).  I plan to update some of this site’s basic features over the next few days.  I’m trying to archive some of the Korean information to make room for more information and media from Paraguay and South America.  Please excuse the mess!

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