Travel update

Dear Reader, you have probably lost track of where we are now.  I don’t blame you–I can barely keep up.  I’m so busy keeping up with myself that I can hardly remember other people’s plans.  You know, whenever you meet a good friend, they expect you to remember their own plans, and you spend a few moments trying to recall every scrap of information they told you about their intentions.  Anyway, we are now in Idaho again staying with my parents.  We stayed in Seattle for about six days.  The visit was much too short.  We wish we had been able to stay a couple more days, but then we would have had to shorten our visit with my parents.  We will stay in Idaho for the remainder of the month except for a short visit to family in Montana.  By early March, we will be back in Washington, D.C. for four months.  Korea now seems so long ago.  People said it would be like a dream–good or bad depending on your prespective.  It’s definitely starting to fade into memory, and Paraguay is starting to loom larger.

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