For the shutterbugs

Dear Reader, I haven’t had much time to blog while on vacation in Hawaí’i.  It has to do with having wireless access for my laptop in the guest bedroom.  Í haven’t spent much time there, so I haven’t been online very much.  That’s OK–I’m on vacation.  I have however found time to take photos, organize them, and shrink them for the Web.  I posted four new photo albums for you viewing pleasure.  Three are from goodbye parties–The Nunchuks’ farewell concert on January 21, our son’s goodbye party on January 27, and our Noraebang Night on the evening of January 27.  I also posted about four dozen photos from our recent trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center on O’ahu Island, Hawai’i.  Enjoy!
Blog Note:  Bob, thanks for reminding me I still have a blog reader.  Sorry, we won’t be back in Virginia until March; we’re on the road throughout February.  See you in March (I hope)!  Also, Dear Reader, I wanted to give you a public service message–15 power sunscreen is not enough for a day on the beach!  Try 45.  My face is very red.  In addition to my Hawai’ian shirts, I now look like a tourist more than ever! 

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