The stiletto heel dance

This may be funny to some but not to others.  Korean women often wear high-heeled shoes.  Stiletto-heeled shoes are especially fashionable.  It’s not so fashionable, though, to get those stilettos caught in pavement crevasses or between cobblestones while walking on the street.  Every once in awhile, while one walks through the streets of Seoul, one notices a stylishly-dressed woman suddenly stop, look down, back up, lift her leg slightly, and then move forward again, as if pirouetting during a dance sequence.  Most of these ladies seem well-trained in the art of keeping their dignity intact while extracting their heels from offending crevasses.  They make it look good rather than embarassing, and effortless to boot.  The odds are good that walking in Seoul wearing stiletto heels will inevitably result in such incidents.  It makes me glad that I don’t wear stiletto-heeled shoes.

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