Winter Sonata II: All in the Family

In the long-awaited sequel to the TV series "Winter Sonata," the most popular and beloved Korean drama of all time, Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo reprise their roles as Minhyung Lee and Yoojin Jung.  Five years have passed, and the two lovers have finally found true love and marital bliss as a married couple.  Now living in Seoul, Minhyung works 14 hours day, six days a week heading his own construction company with three full-time employees and a bunch of contract workers.  Yoojin has quit her consulting business and is now a housewife who takes care of her rambunctious three-year-old son, Minoh.  Longing to rekindle the magic they shared during those dramatic days in 2002, Yoojin and Minhyung decide to spend their one week of annual vacation in late August at Yongpyong Ski Resort–the place where they found true love. 
The lovers and their son return to the resort only to find it fantastically changed.  The cafe that Yoojin redesigned has been closed for some time.  An unfinished 20-story hotel now towers over the original hotel where they found love.  Yoojin and Minhyung, with little Minoh in tow, endeavor to reminisce about the past by sharing a romantic dinner for three at the same restaurant where they shared their first dinner together following Minhyung’s recovery from a bout of amnesia.  Mayhem ensues when Minoh drops chopsticks and food on the floor and spills sugar on the table, embarassing the enchanted couple.  Later, the family returns to the gondola that brought Yoojin and Minhyung to Dragon Peak in 2002, where they spent that fateful night together on the mountain during a heavy snowstorm.  The family waits in line with the masses for a gondola like the one where they shared a tender kiss.  And they wait.  They wait some more.  Finally, after a long spell, with crying son in tow, they reach the coveted peak and walk around in the clouds that obscure their view.  They find shelter in the Dragon Peak western restaurant where they spent the night together in 2002, sipping on instant cocoa available during the summertime.  Unable to reclaim the lost magic, they return to the hotel and settle in for a nice game of bowling and kiddie rides.  The family is happy once again.

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