You’re invited – new discussion group

I have belonged to a certain Yahoo! discussion group for over two years and have really, really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the postings from other members and the deep discussions on life, politics, economics, faith, sports, and anything else that tickles our fancy.  Unfortunately, in the past year the group has been hijacked by a dominant trifecta of individuals who have devolved the group into a repository of meaningless ramble.  Despite appeals for change, the only change that has occurred has been a net loss of participants.  I’m trying to resurrect the group in a new format and am inviting those who are interested in debating anything and everything to join.  Several members of the old group, including my friend Tortmaster, plan to join me.  The new group is called "Coreissues," and the link is:
If you like my musings on World Adventurers and/or want to join in the fun, meet other armchair intellectuals from around the world, or practice your debating or philosophizing skills, please join the group.  We welcome you, and we want to hear what you have to say!  See you at "Coreissues." 
Blog Note:  Sorry, MSN, that it’s a Yahoo! group–I like Yahoo!’s groups format a little better–it’s a bit more functional.

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