Good to be home

Dear Reader, we just returned to our home in Korea after spending the past month in China and the United States.  We are exhausted and will no doubt experience lingering jetlag throughout the week.  It’s Sunday night.  Thank goodness Memorial Day weekend is next week.  I have a feeling we’ll need the extra day to catch up from our vacation.
Although I did not blog at all last week–the longest I’ve been away since I started writing this in December 2004–you still stopped by to read World Adventurers.  As always, thank you.  I wanted to write, but vacation and a dial-up modem at my parents’ home kept me away from the computer.  We had a fabulous time nonetheless.  I will drive into writing again tomorrow.  Today’s post is just a short note to let you know that I am still alive and made it home safely.  I plan to spend the next couple weeks recapping some of the highlights of our trips to China and the states.  Good night, and thanks for all the hits.

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