“Yoduk Story” too popular?

I finally assembled a group of colleague to join me for "Yoduk Story," the theatrical production about life in North Korea’s Yoduk Concentration Camp.  The drama is apparently now so popular that tickets are virtually sold out.  This is great news for the director, Jung Sung-san, who apparently no longer needs to sell a kidney in order to repay loan sharks who helped him finance the production.  Unfortunately, we may not be able to see it now that it is popular with the Korean public.  Many international media outlets picked up the story publicized by the Chosun Ilbo (newspaper), and members of the Grand National Party (GNP), the main opposition party, have seen the show and are calling on ruling Uri Party members to see the show.  One month has passed since I first wrote about "Yoduk Story" and attempts to shut it down.  It’s now the hottest ticket in town–both politically and theatrically.  The show is scheduled to end next week.  I hope that it is extended awhile longer to accommodate demand and to give our group a chance to see it.
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