Of sunshine and son shy

Today was a good day at the office.  I hadn’t had a good day for awhile, and today was long overdue.  For one, I cruised to another productive day.  I set a personal goal to finish in the top three each day, and I did it for the third day in the row.  I will continue pouring it on mercilessly.  A group of instructors from out of town who came to teach a course left today, ending three days of support, including buying food for class, operating the classroom, and chauffeuring the instructors.  In addition, a project that had been percolating for about five months came to an exciting conclusion today.  Our community association contracted with a vendor to install some photo booths at work, and today the machines arrived.  We had a dickens of a time navigating the machines through the maze-like building and installing them–especially one on the third floor.  It took about six people and four hours to finish.  We signed the contract, and now customers have a quicker and more affordable photo option.  It’s the third new service introduced at work in three months–first, the opening of the cafeteria, then the reopening of the coffee shop and bakery, and now this.  I also found out today that our location in Manila, also a very large operation, really likes our performance management program and will adopt it in its own operations.  Word is starting to spread worldwide about the program, and the response is amazing.  Days like this don’t come along often, so I’ll savor this one for awhile.  Best of all, I now have a little less to do at the office, giving me more time to spend out of the office.
Tonight my son and I went over to a colleague’s home for a team dinner.  My son was very popular with my coworkers; unfortunately, he was very uncomfortable around my coworkers.  The only other kid at the dinner was an eight-year-old girl, and my son did not really know any of my coworkers.  The atmosphere was a bit too chaotic.  He was OK for about half an hour, and then he expressed a strong desire to leave.  He ate very little and tried to pacify himself with cookies.  We left after about 45 minutes, just long enough to eat dinner.  I wish we could have stayed longer.  I really like my teammate.  They are a really fun bunch.  As we left, two of my colleagues started dancing a silly dance.  My son couldn’t wait to leave.  I would have loved to have stayed longe, but parenthood trumps spending time with your coworkers, even in Korea.  Korean workers often get together after work as a team, department, or office.  But children are even more important and take precedence.
Blog Notes:  Wade3016, you wondered when I would post on your blog, so I thought I would write something I thought you would challenge.  LOL  I am so devious sometimes.  Does this mean you’re going to delay your trip to Korea?
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