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Sometimes I enjoy watching my son think and act.  I sit back and watch his little mind at work.  It’s very entertaining.  Sometimes he impresses, amuses, confounds, annoys.  I especially enjoy watching him put together jigsaw puzzles.  He started months ago putting together six-piece puzzles and has since graduated to 60-piece puzzles featuring characters from "Finding Nemo" and "Madagascar," two popular animated films.  I love to challenge him by upping the ante every time he solves a puzzle.  He solved "Nemo" easily enough.  However, he hesitated to put together the "Madagascar" puzzle because it’s more intricate than "Nemo."  I alwasy encourage him and help him when he needs assistance, giving him a rousing round of applause whenever he finishes a puzzle.  Now he finishes both "Nemo" and "Madagascar" without fail.  I taught him how to put together the puzzle upside down in the frame so he won’t use the frame or the puzzle outlines to solve the puzzle.  Now he does it on his own.
Tonight I raised the bar even higher.  I threw the "Nemo" and "Madagascar" jigsaw puzzle pieces together into a big pile and challenged him to solve both of them simultaneously.  That clever little kid.  He was stumped at first, but then he ended up separating all the pieces into two piles and proceeded to solve both puzzles one at a time.  Drats, he foiled my plan!  Eventually I’d like to see him solve both of them in opposite frames, upside down.  He understood what I wanted him to do, but he did his own way.  I have no doubt that he’ll be able to do it over time, but for now I’m having fun coaching him and watching him grow and learn.
From the "Things that Make You Go…Hmm" Department:  Is there such thing as a boring discussion topic?  I’m really happy that people (well, some people) enjoy reading this blog.  I wonder if I could write about a completely uninteresting topic no one wants to read.  Is it possible to find a completely uninteresting topic to discuss?  What if I write about watching wet paint dry?  Nah, there’s bound to be someone who wants to read about that topic too, such as a professional painter.  What kind of topic do you think would be inherently uninteresting and no one would want to read?   Now that’s a puzzle I haven’t solved.  If you have any suggestions for the most boring, uninteresting topic of all, let me know!
  1. Unknown

    *Giggle* Being a parent to an intelligent child myself (she’s almost 7 and reading at at 3rd grade level) I very much enjoyed reading this one. YOU GO Lil’ Man!! What a smart guy you have there! *WOW*…Miss B is doing 100 piece puzzles now. Maybe I autta take a couple of her older 50 pieces and mix em up too…>Evil grin< thanks for the idea, lol!Boring subject? Ummmm….Somehow, with the way you write, I’d think you could make anything sound interesting. Even the process of removing naval lint? ;)Keep up the great blogs!!

  2. Jenine

    Hey girlie!I’m back! Please accept my apologies. I’ve been meaning to stop by all of my spaces friends’ spaces to let them know my new spot (I made a new space), but I’ve been REALLY busy with my new job. Anyway, I moved for two reasons: (1) my hubby’s paranoid about me having my last name out there on the internet (the old address had my last name) and (2) now that I have started my new job I realize that it is my whole life right now.Don’t get me wrong, I still love being married and everything–there’s just not much to share; if I do share I’d either be complaining about him, which I’d never do, or I’d be the annoying, gushing bride that people get sick of eventually.Anyway, I have a professor that I’ve been emailing with and who is all excited about my space because it’s got info that her students would love to know (what it’s like as a new staff at a public accounting firm).Well, I hope you like the new one. I promise to get back to my "old self" as soon as I have more time. It’s supposed to be "off season" right now, but I’ve been working a ton. And now I’m salary, so that doesn’t translate into more money.I’m sure my accounting blogs will bore the heck out of most spacers, but I’ll post personal stuff too, so don’t worry. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas for me…:0) Hugs! JenineP.S. I’ve really missed reading your blog. I’ll have to do more of that too when life slows down…

  3. Jenine

    Nice! Sorry. That’s how tired I am. I accidentally called you "girlie." Let’s just blame it on me being overworked and undersleeping, ok? :0PSee ya, "Dude"…Jenine

  4. Unknown

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