I eat crow

Well, I was wrong.  The Chicago White Sox and the Houston Astros are going to the World Series.  Two teams that fell outside the pantheon of baseball’s professional playoff teams will get their chance in the Big Dance.  The Astros will make their first World Series appearance in team history (44 seasons); the White Sox will try for their first World Series victory since 1917, a longer span of time than the Boston Red Sox’ World Series curse.  Even though I did not believe either team could make it to the Series this year, I am happy to be wrong.  This is a World Series I will enjoy.  I may not be able to watch the games live on television because I live 13 hours from the East Coast of the United States, but I may try to tune in for some highlights on ESPN.  I don’t really prefer either of the two teams.  I tend to favor the American League, but I’m happy to see that Houston finally made it to the Series for the first time.  Plus, my predictions of flat seem to have fallen a bit short, so I’ll pass choosing a winner (OK, Houston in seven).  I still believe however that Major League Baseball is an organization with far too many inequities.
I fell ill yesterday and have been feeling under the weather.  I think it’s a cold.  I’m tired and have a sore throat.  My son had it, then my wife, now me.  This week has not been as hectic as it was last week at work, but I think it caught up with me.  I just hope that this illness doesn’t worsen or carry on for more than a few days.  My son is now asleep, so for me it’s now bedtime.  Goodnight!
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