Spring must be here

Spring must finally be here.  The pheasant family that lives nearby has been more active than usual.  I came home today and heard the sound of frogs croaking in the distance.  I heard the low rumble of the magpies announcing their territorial aspirations.  Our neighbor put out their lawn table and chairs.  The lawn is looking a little greener, and I will soon have to break out the water hose and lawnmower.  The first mosquitoes of the year appeared today.  One tried to land on my hand, but I brushed him off and darted into my house quickly.  I’ve heard that the mosquitoes will continue to buzz all year until sometime in December when the last one dies inside one’s home.  While I don’t like mosquitoes (who does?), it’s nice to see nature waking up and blessing us with more beauty.  Mosquitoes are preferable to hibernating nature.  The landscape was previously dingy with dead grass and barren, skeletal trees, but soon the cherry blossoms will bloom and the trees will grow leaves again.  Korea is beautiful in the spring.  Barring any Yellow Sand, this is the best time of the year to be in Korea.

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