The Adventures of Fishman

Whenever I play with my son, I try to have fun too.  We play well together; in fact, my wife always tells me that he has such a good time whenever we play together.  Sometimes my mind gets carried away, and I really get into playing with whatever toys are available at the time.  The other night I happened to stick a toy fish on the head of his Mr. Perfect toy, and presto!  “Fishman” was born.  Thus began The Adventures of Fishman.  See the photo section for live shots of the world’s newest superhero.  Eat your heart out, The Incredibles!

By day “Fishman” is Mr. Joe Perfect, a mild-mannered consultant for Discovery Consulting.  He’s Mr. Everyman, the kind of guy women love to bring home to meet momma.  He’s courteous and thoughtful, everything every woman ever wanted in a man.  He says sweet things when you press his stomach such as, “The ballgame doesn’t really matter.  As long as I’m with you, I don’t care what we watch.”  Or “Here, let me make dinner tonight,” or “Let me stop and ask directions.”  He wears beige khakis and a snazzy blue dress shirt, the wrinkle-free kind with the indestructible buttons you can pick up at Men’s Wearhouse.  He sports a short, preppy haircut.  The only problem is that he’s single.  In future episodes after a few dates hopefully, Fishman will find true love, or perhaps a sidekick.

By night he is “Fishman,” a mighty superhero.  Endowed with an iron Fishhead to mask his identity, he carries a candy trident that he uses to fight crime in Discovery Village.  After eating a bad filet of soul one night at a local restaurant he is suddenly endowed with the superhuman sense of knowing when something fishy is happening.  Determined to do good, he uses this power to sniff out when something rotten is going on and to fight evil for the good of all mankind.

Fishman’s greatest nemesis is the One-Eyed Monster (OEM), a villain who escaped from the sinister labs of Monsters, Inc. and terrorized the good citizens of Discovery Village.  His mission is to stop OEM from carrying out his sinister plans to wreak havoc on Discovery Village.  In the photos section, you’ll find action shots of Fishman thwarting OEM’s plans to derail a commuter train.  Fishman pins down OEM and saves the train before it falls off the edge of Discovery garage.  Fishman saves the day again!

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