Let's Go

I was running some errands today, and I put in a CD I hadn’t listened to in quite some time–Mark Schultz‘ self-titled album.  I listened again to a song called "Let’s Go" that’s been an inspiration to me ever since I joined the service early last year (you can hear the song on Mark’s web site).  It reminded me of why I decided to let go of a comfortable suburban life in order to live and work abroad serving my country.  I love this song.  It’s really about missionaries serving overseas, but it describes the decisions you often make when you decide to make a drastic change in your life–like moving to another country.  It has such a great message, and it captures a lot of the thoughts and feelings I went through when I decided to join the service.  Here’s the lyrics (copyright Mark Schultz music):

"Let’s Go" by Mark Schultz

You gotta nice job in an office on the seventh floor
Oh but you’re looking out the window
And you’re thinking that there’s something more
You clear your head
You close your eyes
But something deep inside you cries

Let’s go, let’s go to the great unknown
Find the one that rolled away the stone
Let’s go to the foreign shore
Find a way to give like we never gave before
Let’s go, going far and wide
Pack your bag and leave it all behind
What are we waiting for
Let’s go

Back home through the middle of the parking lot
You give away the car
Give away the money that you’ve got
Neighbors will talk
And oh they should
Saying something ain’t right
In the neighborhood

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