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The Bride

A Poem.   A fairer creature I never did see, Than she who brought me jubilee, Of whom noble poets and sonnets sing, The beautiful one who takes my ring.   Far fonder than the sweet roses dare, She surpasses ever their beauty fair, In sacred white she casts away the veil, Her beauty regales me in full assail.   The shimmer of he [...]

The Penny Trick

A poem. by M.G. Edwards Eyes view one penny’s note, Drawn out from magic’s coat, Believe me all that I see, Be not one but penny three. Surely to me the penny pays, Three not one makes me gaze, Want I three not penny one, Left I am with what I shun. M.G. Edwards is a writer of books and stories in the mystery, thriller and science fict [...]

The Adventures of Fishman

Whenever I play with my son, I try to have fun too.  We play well together; in fact, my wife always tells me that he has such a good time whenever we play together.  Sometimes my mind gets carried away, and I really get into playing with whatever toys are available at the time.  The other night I happened to stick a toy fish on the head of h [...]