¿El Nuevo Chávez?

Now that I’m back language training in Washington, D.C., I’m spending a considerable amount of time studying Spanish.  In fact, it seems as if lately the only writing I’ve done has been in Spanish.  Although I’m making progress with my language study, I am still at the intermediate level.  I have a good grasp of complex Spanish vocabulary, but my grammar is still very poor.  Every day I will write a short summary of a news article in Spanish for class, and after I correct it, I’ll post it for you to read.  If you know Spanish, you will probably dissect it and realize just how poor I am in Spanish.  If you don’t know Spanish, you may be able to get the gist of the article by noting the over-reliance on English cognates.  Either way, I hope you get something out of it.  As long as I’m writing these summaries, I might as well post them for you to enjoy or to edit.
This first summary discusses an article I read in The Economist last week.  The article talks about Father Lugo, a former Catholic cleric who is a possible presidential contender.  Paraguayan presidential elections will be held in 2008.  The Economist article I cited is located at

¿El Nuevo Chávez?


Próximo año la gente de Paraguay ha a elegir un nuevo presidente.  Padre Lugo, un clérigo católica trabajaron en San Pedro, un área de Paraguay muy pobre, recientemente dejó el clero y entró los políticos a hacerle el nueve presidente de Paraguay.  Todavía el no declaró su candidatura oficialmente, pero algunos partidos de la oposición política desean a hacerle su candidato en el próximo elección presidencial.  Muchos paraguayos le gustan, así que es posible era el próximo presidente de Paraguay.  Porque Padre Lugo admira el presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, y el Paraguay, algunas piensen que si Padre Lugo era el nueve presidente, el sistema político y económico de Paraguay transformeré mucho.

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