43 more hits

I need just 43 more hits to reach 3,000 for the month of August.  Visit early, visit often!  Help push World Adventurers over 3,000 hits in August.  If you really like this blog, you’re also welcome to submit it as a candidate for "The Best of MSN Spaces."  I definitely would not mind that at all.  I’m not too proud to ask for a little campaigning from dear readers like you.  Thanks for putting in a good word for me.
I ended up not going to Pusan today after all.  The situation resolved itself.  Instead, I will be out and about in Seoul today and will head to Daejeon again next week.  That’s OK.  I did get some sleep last night, but I still have a bit of a head cold.  I would prefer not to fly until I’m completely better.
I will try to write again tonight.  I have some thoughts on the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina I’d like to share.

In memory of a passing acquaintance

Yesterday I learned that a cashier at the cafeteria where I work and study had suddenly passed away over the weekend.  Flowers and a card at her register announced her passing.  I only met her from time to time when I visited the cafeteria, but now that she’s gone I miss her.  She was one of those people who had a small impact on my life that I didn’t notice until something happened to make me realize what an impact she had.  The first time I remember talking to her was when I handed her some money to pay for lunch and unwittingly told her how much change to give me.  I’m used to interacting with cashiers who sometimes have difficulty counting small change because they rely too heavily on the register to tell them how much change to give back.  I unintentionally insulted her by doing the same to her.  She was a veteran cashier.  I could see it in her eyes that she was put off by my observation and told me with raised eyebrows, "Yes, I KNOW how to count change."  Oops, my mistake.  I didn’t apologize and recused myself from the awkward situation, but I realized my error and afterwards went out of my way to go to her register and treat her with respect.  By Christmastime we exchanged holiday greetings and a smile.  I didn’t see her again.  She was one of those people who briefly pass through your life, people you may never know affected your life.  In her case I found out that she had passed away recently, although I don’t know what happened.  Out of respect for her I don’t want to know.  The flowers and card I saw at her register was touching.  I’m glad that the cafeteria management left her register vacant this week to honor her passing.  It’s the least that they could do.  If I could tell her I would tell her that at least in my case she touched my life in a small way, and for that I’m grateful.