Paraguayan Dancing

Last week my son participated in his school’s Paraguayan dance celebration.  The dancing is a Paraguayan form of folclorico, a traditional style of Latin American dance.  He participated with his kindergarten class; each class from kindergarten to sixth grade performed different folclorico dances for their parents and faculty.  The boys dressed in black slacks, white shirts, straw hats donned with Paraguayan tricolor bands, and waist sashes also sporting the tricolor (the Paraguayan tricolor, its national color scheme, was inspired by the French red-white-blue tricolor flag).  I thought the students all performed very well; the bottle dancing sixth grader did a particularly splendid job.

My son did an excellent job dancing and wielding a broom.  He’s ready to tear up the dance floor.  I posted some photos of the dance — they tell a much better story than I.

Son waits to dance

Son in folklore costume

Son dances

Son wields broom

After the dance


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