I Received the One Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blog-awardThe One Lovely Blog Award. What, another award for World Adventurers? I can’t believe it! Not one, but two writer/bloggers I admire nominated this blog for the OLB Award. Thank you very much! Words cannot express how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I’ll try.


A big THANK YOU goes to my colleague and lovely friend Lada Ray, who is one of my favorite bloggers and writers. After she received this prodigious honor, she nominated me for it in early June on the heels of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA) from me. While I can neither confirm nor deny it, this award may have had something to do with the fact that I adore her thriller Gold Train and amazing heroine, Jade Snow.

Another hearty THANK YOU goes to my enigmatic and witty friend R.M. Wilburn, who received the splendiferous OLB Award and then nominated me for one in mid-June. Whether it has anything to do with the fact that I nominated her for a VBA or think her book Magpie & Dilly is the best novel with that title in recorded history, I can’t be sure. Thank you, R.M. I’m convinced that your initials stand for Really Magnificent.

Whatever the reason, I thank you, Lada and R.M. I really appreciate this honor and am proud to call you colleagues and friends.


As I am wont to do, I did some research into the history of the One Lovely Blog Award. I gave up after an exhaustive Google search turned up nothing. As with the VBA, details about the OLB Award are rather sketchy and only its creator knows for sure. I did, however, find some lovely award badges online. I’m partial to the one with the heart because it reminds me of those “I HEART ___” souvenir T-shirts.



To receive this award, the blogger must share the following with their readers:

  1. Thank the person who honored them with this award and post their links;
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs for this honor; and
  3. Tell readers seven things about themselves.


Here are my nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award, 15 quality blogs that I enjoy (in alphanumeric order). Many but not all are related to travel with some excellent commentary and travel photos.

  1. 3rd Culture Children – A Globe Trotting Family of 5 in the Foreign Service (3rdculturechildren.com)
  2. Letizia Argiolu (dutchgoesitalian.com)
  3. Double Barrelled Travel (double-barrelledtravel.com)
  4. Misti Debonno (mistidebonno.wordpress.com)
  5. Rebecca Humphries (beesbestlife.blogspot.com)
  6. Dmitrii Lezine – Travel Photography (sillymonkeyphoto.com)
  7. Ella Medler (ellamedler.wordpress.com)
  8. Mark Nguyen – Mark39dotcom – 101 Postcards to Myself (mark39.com)
  9. Our Boler – Enjoying the Outdoors as a Family (http://www.ourboler.com/)
  10. Alex Rambler (ramblertravel.com)
  11. ReadyClickAndGo (readyclickandgo.wordpress.com)
  12. Ruth – Bluebalu in Hong Kong (bluebalu.wordpress.com)
  13. Ana Silva – 1,001 Scribbles (1001scribbles.wordpress.com)
  14. Sophie – Interior Design & Trends (interiorstockholm.wordpress.com)
  15. Jason Sullivan – Different Outcomes (differentoutcomes.wordpress.com)


Not one to follow the crowd, I’m going to turn this around and ask you, dear reader, what would you like to know about me. I’ll answer the first seven questions I receive as best I can. Okay, let me have it. Let’s see if I made the right choice!


Thanks again, Lada and R.M. You’re the best!

thank you


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