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Commuting (A Poem)

Early morning Rise before the sun Shuttle, cold darkness Eyes closed   Sound of traffic Walk in the cold Wait for the train Minutes more   Frozen breath rises Get on the train Bell rings, doors close Find a seat   Screeching rails Train is silent Bundled, withdrawn Feeling fatigue   Station down below Crowds of people pres [...]

The Support

A poem. God provides the foundation On which our home is built A solid base that anchors it To soft soil or shifting sand Your strength is the structure That keeps this delicate form From blowing, washing away When the wind and rain come Your dedication is the frame That holds up this fragile life As it reaches toward heaven Buttressing its s [...]

The Bride

A Poem.   A fairer creature I never did see, Than she who brought me jubilee, Of whom noble poets and sonnets sing, The beautiful one who takes my ring.   Far fonder than the sweet roses dare, She surpasses ever their beauty fair, In sacred white she casts away the veil, Her beauty regales me in full assail.   The shimmer of he [...]