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Angkor Wat Bike4Kids Race–Donat...

Did you know that just $15 pays for a Cambodian girl’s healthcare costs for an entire year? Did you know that just $30 pays for a monthly package of food and cleaning products for a Cambodian child living in prison? Did you know that $60 pays for a vulnerable child to attend a social design school in Cambodia for two weeks to learn valuable c [...]

Commuting (A Poem)

Commuting (A Poem)
Early morning Rise before the sun Shuttle, cold darkness Eyes closed   Sound of traffic Walk in the cold Wait for the train Minutes more   Frozen breath rises Get on the train Bell rings, doors close Find a seat   Screeching rails Train is silent Bundled, withdrawn Feeling fatigue   Station down below Crowds of people pres [...]


The Philippines is a land of contrasts. An archipelago of more than 7,100 islands with almost 100 million inhabitants, it is the most Hispanic nation in Asia but a place all its own. From shades of Spanish culture, Roman Catholicism and Islam, American-style malls and fast food, and its very name in honor of King Philip II of Spain, the count [...]