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How does one describe a country like China? Facts and figures do not adequately measure the immensity of the world’s most populous nation, its third largest by size, and one of its most ancient. Grandiose statistics do not do China justice. China is perhaps best described as “China.” The name itself conjures images of the Great Wall, megapoli [...]

You’re the Adventurer

Welcome to an experiment. You’ve been reading my travelogues about life overseas from Korea to Zambia, but so far you’ve been a spectator. Now it’s your turn to go on your own adventure! Immerse yourself in the story and make key decisions by choosing from among several options. Your selections could make the difference between a great trip o [...]

O Sunscreen, Where Art Thou?

O Sunscreen, Where Art Thou?
Dear Reader, we returned to Shanghai early this morning.  When I told colleagues we had spent the weekend in Xi’an, they were aghast.  A visit to Xi’an usually lasts three-to-four days, not a short weekend.  We had a fabulous time there.  Our trip within a trip ended without any major incidents, although our schedule was somewhat [...]