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Korean Folk Village (with Photos)

This is an update of two blog posts I published in July 2005 about our first visit to the Korean Folk Village near Seoul, South Korea. Although other folk villages in Korea also showcase traditional Korean architecture and culture, this is the one most locals think of when they hear the term “Korean Folk Village.” The village is featured on m [...]

Top Ten Things to Do in Korea (with P...

Here’s a list of the top ten things you should do if you visit South Korea. These suggestions are based on my experience when I lived in Seoul. The activities will give you a good taste of what Korea has to offer. My ranking is based on how fun they are and how close they are to Seoul. 1. Walking tour (Seoul): Take a walking tour of Gyeongbok [...]

Korean Folk Village, part II

Korean Folk Village, part II
Tonight I finish my narrative of our trip last Sunday to the Korean Folk Village. In the early afternoon on Sunday, after wandering through replicas of old Jeju Island farms, we ventured over to an open area where a Korean acrobat on a high wire performed a delicate balancing act.  He did a fabulous job defying gravity, bouncing up and down [...]