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Zhujiajiao, the Venice of Shanghai

On January 26, 2012, my family and I traveled to Zhujiajiao, an ancient village in Qingpu District about 45 minutes west of Shanghai. Zhujiajiao bills itself as the “Venice of Shanghai.” Why not the “Venice of China”? Well, perhaps because China has hundreds, if not thousands, of traditional villages like Zhujiajiao scattered throughout [...]

Uruguay – Of Buildings and Beaches

With the weather heating up in Asunción, Paraguay, my family and I decided to cool off for a few days during the off-season in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay, before the summer crowd arrived on vacation.  Thousands of visitors descend each year on Uruguay during the January-February summer season to escape the summer heat and spend t [...]

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest
My wife and I collaborated on this travel article about our July trip to the Brazilian Amazon. I also posted photos of our trip in a photo album. I was finally able to post them at last because I can finally access Spaces. Enjoy! We spent five days in July visiting the Amazon Rainforest at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões, t [...]