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The Mennonites of Paraguay

Special thanks to fiction writer Juliette Wade for hosting the third article in a series on Paraguay’s Chaco region about the Mennonites of Paraguay. Click here to read the article. Juliette’s blog, TalkToYoUniverse, features the fabulous Writers’ International Cultural Share, a forum where writers can share their cultural experiences and ins [...]

The Paraguayan Chaco

This is the second article in a series on Paraguay’s Chaco region with highlights from the area. The first focused on Filadelfia, its largest town. Other posts will feature the local Mennonite and indigenous communities. Enjoy photos and stories from one of Paraguay’s most intriguing places. If you are looking for a trip off the beaten path, [...]

Ten Reasons to Visit Paraguay (A Sati...

Ten Reasons to Visit Paraguay (A Satire)
Dear Reader, Here is a list of reasons why you should come to visit Paraguay. 10. Pretend you’re a gaucho at a cattle ranch in the Chaco. 9.   Learn some Guaraní phrases and have no idea what you’re saying. 8.   Share some tereré with your ten newest Paraguayan friends. 7.   Search for old Alfredo Stroessner memorabilia. 6.   Speak Plattdeu [...]