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Santa Claus and the Spirit of Giving

Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas. Kris Kringle. Father Christmas. Known by many names, Santa is an almost universally recognized part of the Christmas celebration. To some, he’s an integral symbol of the holiday; to others, he’s a controversial, commercialized figure who’s pulled the holiday too far away from its origins honoring Jesus Christ’s bi [...]

Thoughts & Sayings (October 2012...

Here are some thoughts and sayings I posted on Twitter and/or Facebook in September. To my knowledge, I made these up (for better or for worse). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the write! Encouraging Words 1. Keep on peddling, but don’t oversell. 2. I may bite my tongue if I say something tongue in cheek. 3. I have champagne tastes but a beer budg [...]