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Alexander the Salamander

Welcome to the debut of the World Adventurers for Kids Series! The first book in this series for children is Alexander the Salamander from authors M.G. and Alex Edwards. The series features more of the kinds of travel stories you’ve come to enjoy from World Adventurers told in a way that children ages three to nine will find entertaining and [...]

The Adventures of Fishman (with Photo...

In keeping with the superhero theme kicked off by my interview with super author Kevin Rau, I’m updating a post I published in January 2005 called The Adventures of Fishman — this time with photos. May it inspire anyone with young children to turn their toys into characters of a story that will help parents have fun too. Whenever I play [...]

The Adventures of Fishman

Whenever I play with my son, I try to have fun too.  We play well together; in fact, my wife always tells me that he has such a good time whenever we play together.  Sometimes my mind gets carried away, and I really get into playing with whatever toys are available at the time.  The other night I happened to stick a toy fish on the head of h [...]