M.G. Edwards

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Poetry & Prose by M.G. Edwards


The Adventures of Fishman
A crazy aquatic superhero (story, July 2012)

Ally the Alligator
An alligator escapes from a zoo and learns a lesson in stealing (story, 1997)
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Elements of a Book Phenomenon
An in-depth look at the elements that transform a book series into a cultural phenomenon (report, March 2012)


Send Me Not Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau and Jonathan Edwards stand in judgment in heaven and must debate whether they should go to heaven or hell (one act play, 1991)
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The Bride
Dedicated to my wife (poem, 2002)

A typical day's commute (poem, June 2011)

Holy Place
A secluded monastery (poem, May 2011)

The Penny Trick
A magic trick (poem, February 2012)

The Support
Dedicated to my wife (poem, July 2012)