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Sign up for your free autographed copy of my popular children's picture book, "World Adventurers for Kids Books 1-3." This 3-in-1 collection has been popular with children and parents around the world. The giveaway ends on February 5, 2014.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

World Adventurers for Kids Books 1-3 by M.G. Edwards

World Adventurers for Kids Books 1-3

by M.G. Edwards

Giveaway ends February 05, 2014.

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"World Adventurers for Kids Books 1-3" features illustrated adventure stories told in a way that children ages six to eight years of age will find entertaining and educational. The book includes three illustrated stories:

Alexander the Salamander discusses the importance of listening to authority figures. A young salamander named Alexander joins his friends Airey the Butterfly and Terry the Tarantula for an unforgettable adventure in the Amazon River Basin.

Ellie the Elephant encourages children to follow their dreams. A young elephant named Ellie living in Thailand dreams of joining the elephant polo team and playing in the Elephant Cup polo tournament, but her parents want her to work in the rice fields. Will she realize her dream of playing elephant polo?

Zoe the Zebra teaches children about bullying. A young zebra named Zoe who lives in the African bush joins forces with her friends Emma the Impala, Barry the Baboon, and other animals to protect their friend Wally the Warthog from a pack of bullying hyenas. Can they help him and stop the bullying?

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