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World Adventurers Celebrates 1,000 Po...

Dear Reader, World Adventurers hit a major milestone today — 1,000 published posts! A thousand articles and updates later, this blog is still going strong. I started World Adventurers in December 2004, as a way to update family and friends about life overseas. It has evolved in ways I never imagined when I wrote my first “Hello, World” [...]

100,000 Travel Confessions

It’s time for 100,000 travel confessions! Wait, that’s not quite right. I have a few travel confessions to share but not that many. Oh, I remember what the number 100,000 means. It means that this blog just passed 100,000 hits! Thank you, dear readers, search engines, and cross-posters for visiting World Adventurers. It took two years, from O [...]

Introducing Brilliance Reviews

Dear Reader, let me introduce you to Brilliance Reviews, my new blog dedicated to reviews of the books, novels, and short stories I’ve read. I will publish a new post whenever I finish reading and reviewing a work. You’re welcome to follow Brilliance Reviews as well as World Adventurers; both will run independently. Why are you starting a ne [...]