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Verda, the Green Moon

Imagine a world where a green moon capable of sustaining life orbits the earth. The verdant orb lies close enough to the earth to intrigue humankind but too far away to reach — until the dawn of space exploration makes space travel possible and unleashes a race to explore this new world known as “Verda.” What awaits discover [...]

Real Dreams Now Available in Print

A French prisoner struggles to survive in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. A delinquent youth is obsessed with a cemetery ghost. Good and evil fight for the soul of a zombie. A grandmother thought to suffer from mental illness predicts the future. A mysterious maintenance man haunts a college dormitory. Car trouble leads to an e [...]

Mysterius, Lord of the Unknown

Mysterius, Lord of the Unknown
He is the least known of any Greek god yet has the greatest following of them all. Many of his followers believe in no other god but him and thirst to know him. The more they search, the more he eludes them. Though human reverence to other gods fades, he remains a figure of worship and devotion. He resides in Ignorance, a mystical realm beyon [...]